Lake City Trail Hiker Center

Hey CT and CDT hikers and friends,

My name is Jason Santos and I’m the minister at Community Presbyterian Church. I’m excited to announce that the Lake City Trail Hiker Center is open for the 2024 season as June 1, 2024.

I’m a little behind in a few things this year, but we’ve got a handful of new offerings for you all, particularity in July and August. In the next few days, I’ll be posting the updates to this page, so check back soon.

Until then, here’s the basic stuff.

Address: 418 Silver Street, Lake City, Colorado, 81235
Coordinates: 38.0308126, -107.3157325
Contact: Rev. Dr. Jason Brian Santos, Ph.D. (minister at Community Presbyterian Church) Email– or text–206-962-9886

Days of operation
Monday through Saturday from June 1 to September 30
(subject to change and changes will be posted here).

Hours of operation
Monday through Saturday 9am to 5pm (if you need assistance after hours please text–206-962-9886). Outdoor seating, free wi-fi, and water bottle filling/hand washing station are available 24/7. No camping permitted.

Resupply Packages
If you’re wondering if you can send a package to the Trail Hiker Center, the answer is both yes and no. This year, we’ve worked a new system out with the Lake City Post Office to help manage the large quantity of trail hiker packages. If you are going to send a resupply package to Lake City, please address it to:

Lake City Trail Hiker Center
P.O. Box 932
Lake City, CO 81235

Packages with this address will go into a special holding area at the post office for regular daily pickup. If you are arriving after 1:00pm on a Saturday or on a Sunday (and you want your package before Monday morning) you MUST call the post office (970-944-2560–Ask for Shannon) and request that Jason Santos picks up your package. We will pick up weekend packages at 1:00pm on Saturdays and you can pick them up at the Trail Hiker Center during our posted hours of operation. You will need ID for the pick up.

Amenities offered
+Free high speed wi-fi (SSID: Annex, PW: 418silver)
+24/7 Outdoor seating and indoor seating during open hours
+Outdoor water refilling/hand washing station
+Free tea and espresso bar, snack bins (with lots of travel bars and snacks)
+Unisex toilet (no shower available)
+Communications board with local accommodations and offerings
+Hiker box (for giving, receiving, and passing on)
+Public computer/printing services available (please contact Jason about printing)
+Sunday Shuttle from Spring Creek Pass at 4:00pm (only available from 7/9-8/27).

Community Hiker Meal
Every Sunday from July 9th to August 27th, Lake City churches and local organizations will host a community trail hiker meal from 6pm until 8pm at the Presbyterian Annex located at 418 Silver Street in Lake City. The meal is 100% free (and we don’t accept donations from hikers who are actively on the CDT or the Colorado Trail).  

Additional information: AA meets in the Darley Fellowship Hall at Community Presbyterian Church on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 12:00pm to 1:00pm. All are welcome.

We also have several opportunities for hikers to participate in art projects developing throughout the summer.

Lake City Trail Hiker Center Resupply
The following list represents the resupply suggestions from over 130 hikers from the Continental Divide Trail and the Colorado Trail hikers Facebook pages. Lake City shops carrying the items are listed after each in brackets. Each store is represented by a lettered code. For example, The General Store is [GS].

At the end of this list, you can find the name, address, phone number, and hours of each shop included here. Additionally, you can find a map at the bottom of this page that shows where the shops are in relationship to the Lake City Trail Hiker Center, which is located at 418 Silver Street.

High Nutrient
Clif [GS] [CS]
Bobo [CS]
Kind [GS] [CS]
Green Belly
Builders Bars [CS]
Trail mix with M&Ms [GS] [CS]
Len & Larry’s Complete Cookies [CS]
Protein shake Muscle Mill [CS]
CLIF Shot Blocks
Raisins [CS]

Peanut butter [GS] [CS]
Almond butter: [CFM] [CS]
smooth [CFM]
small jars
individual packs [CFM]
squeeze bottles
Almonds [GS] [CS]
Assorted nuts [CS]
Cashews [GS] [CS]
Pecans [GS] [CS]
Toasted Tahini [CS]

Packaged Meals
rice [GS] [CS]
noodles [GS] [CS]
sides [GS] [CS]
pasta [GS] [CS]
Backpackers pantry meals [CFM] [CS]
Instant mashed potatoes [GS] [CS]
Peak meals [CFM]
Good to Go meals
Frozen burritos [GS] [CS]
Lipton dried soups [GS] [CS]
Macaroni and cheese boxes [GS] [CS]
StarKist Smart Bowls and Chicken Creations [GS]
Stove Top Stuffing [GS] [CS]
Tasty Bite Asian meals
Uncrustable PB&J [GS]

Flour tortillas [CS]
Instant oatmeal [GS] [CS]
Bagels [GS] [CS]
Fresh bread [GS] [CS]
Instant rice [CS]
English muffins [CS]
Wheat bread [GS] [CS]
Taco wraps

beef [GS] [CS]
Chicken packets [GS] [CS]
Tuna packets [GS] [CS]
Dried sausages/pepperoni [GS] [CS]
Spam singles [CS]
Salmon packets [CS]
Beef hot dogs [GS] [CS]
Beef sticks [GS] [CS]
Pulled pork packets
Chomps meat sticks

Fresh Items/dairy items
cheese sticks:
cheddar [GS] [CS]
mozzarella [GS] [CS]
Cheese-1 lbs:
cheddar [GS] [CS]
swiss [GS] [CS]
mozzarella [GS] [CS]
Cream cheese in a tub [GS] [CS]
Olive packets [GS]
Sour cream [GS] [CS]
Zucchini [CS]
Avocados [CS]
Bananas [CS]
Broccoli, Organic [CS]
Sweet potatoes [CS]

Dried Items
Ramen: [GS] [CS]
Instant milk/powdered milk [CS]
Dehydrated refried beans
Dried fruit:
mango [GS] [CS]
apricots [GS] [CS]
dates [CS]
Couscous [CS]
Granola [CS]
Dehydrated veggies
Buckwheat udon noodles [CS]
Miso soup packets [CS]
Ovaltine [CS]
Powdered hummus
Powered creamer [GS] [CS]
Carob powder
Cereal [GS] [CS]
Chex mix [GS] [CS]
Coconut chips [CS]
Crackers [GS] [CS]
Chia seeds, small packs [CS]
Shelf stable tofu blocks

Instant Coffee: [GS] [CS]
Starbucks VIA [CS]
Black Rifle Coffee
single serving [GS] [CFM] [CS]
small jar of instant [CS]
Electrolyte Drink Mix:
Nuun [CS]
Liquid IV [CS]
MiO 5
powdered lemon
Powdered Drinks: [CS]
green ice tea
gatorade crystals [CS]
sugar free options
Gatorade [CS]
Powerade [GS] [CS]
Caffeine Packets
Carnation instant breakfast drink [CS]
Chocolate soy milk
Dr. Pepper [GS] [CS]

plain [GS] [CS]
peanut [GS] [CS]
Chocolate bars:
3 Musketeers
Payday [CS]
Snickers [GS] [CS]
100 grand
Chips: [CS]
Doritos [GS] [CS]
Fritos [GS] [CS]
potato chips [GS] [CS]
Combos [GS]
Gummy candies:
bears [GS] [CS]
worms [GS] [CS]
Swedish fish [GS] [CS]
Pop Tarts [GS] [CS]
Fruit snack products:
gummy [GS] [CS]
leather [CS]
Welches brand [GS] [CS]
Honey buns [GS] [CS]
Nutella [GS] [CS]
Mini donuts [GS] [CS]
Packaged desserts: [GS] [CS]
Little Debbies [GS]
Cheese danishes
Cookies: [GS] [CS]
Oreos [GS] [CS]
Pecan sandies [CS]
Crackers: [GS] [CS]
Wheat Thins [CS]
Ritz [GS]
Ritz with cheese [GS]
Candy: [GS] [CS]
Jelly Belly Sports Beans [GS]
sour candy
Ice Cream [CS]
Chocolate [CFM] [CS]

Hot sauce packets: [CS]
Frank’s Red Hot
Olive oil [CS]
Gravy packets [CS]
Taco seasoning [CS]
Honey packets
Mayonnaise packets
salt/pepper packets
Sesame oil [CS]
Soy sauce [CS]
Strawberry jelly [GS] [CS]
Sugar packs
Vegetable bouillon

Baby wipes/wet wipes [GS] [CS]
Sunscreen: [GS] [CS]
smaller bottles/tubes [CFM]
roll-on [CFM]
high spf
Travel toothpaste [GS] [CS]
Lip balm with spf protection [GS] [CFM] [CS]
Natural lip balm [CFM] [CS]
Bandaids [GS] [CS]
Female products [GS] [CS]
Poise pads #2
Travel toothbrush [GS] [CS]
Travel shampoo/conditioner [GS] [CS]
Toilet paper–individual rolls [GS] [CS]
Ibuprofen–small bottles [GS] [CS]
Q-Tips [GS] [CS]
Floss [GS] [CS]
Hand sanitizer [GS] [CS]
Caffeine pills
Razors [GS] [CS]
Dr. Bronners–small bottles [CS]

Fuel canisters–smaller ones [GS] [CS]
Freezer bags–ziplock [GS] [CS]
Ear plugs [GS] [CS]
Batteries: [GS] [CS]
AA [GS] [CS]
Sawyer squeeze filters/replacement bits
Bug protection containing Picaridin [GS] [CS]
Scent Killer Gold Field Wipes
Denatured alcohol
KT tape [CS]
Athletic tape [GS] [CS]
Moleskin/basic first aid [GS] [CS]
Patch kits for air sleep pads/tents [GS]
Shoe laces [GS] [CS]
Ponchos [GS] [CFM] [CS]
Tent stakes [GS] [CFM]

Gluten Free/Vegan [GS] [CS]
Gluten free freeze dried meals [CS]
Gluten free nut butter packs [CFM] [CS]
Gluten free snacks [CS]
Gluten free oatmeal/dried mixes
Lundberg brown rice crackers
Heartline soy jerky
Vegan jerky
Vegan protein mix (Soylent or Orgain)
Vegan/plant based options dried meals [CS]

Dog food [GS] [CS]
Dog treats [GS] [CFM] [CS]
Cigarettes [CS]

Lake City Shops
[CFM] Cabin Fever Mercantile
306 Silver Street (next to Packers)
Sunday 11-5, Monday to Saturday 10-5:30

[CS] The Country Store
916 North Highway 149
Sunday 11-6, Monday to Saturday 8-7

[GS] The General Store
252 South Gunnison Avenue
Sunday 12-5, Monday to Saturday 8-6