Being Reformed for the week ahead

Hey Friends,

This Sunday, I’ll be starting the Being Reformed class. We’ll gather at the Annex (and on Zoom) each Sunday for the next four weeks to explore and learn about the most essential parts of being part of a Presbyterian church (PCUSA). Coffee and muffins will be served at 8:15am and the class will start at 8:30am. For those joining us via Zoom, the link is below and we’ll start the broadcast a few minutes prior to 8:30am.

And, don’t forget, we’re still playing games online on Mondays at 7:00pm (QWIXX this week–See the Games Up Here page for more information), hosting Tea Time on Tuesdays at 2:00pm (this week is iced Moroccan Mint Tea), and delving into Acts of the Apostles at our weekly Bible Study on Wednesday at 4:30pm.

See you soon CPC. Here are your weekly links and the Order of Worship for this Sunday!

Being Reformed Class:

Sunday Worship Service:

Monday Games Up Here:

Wednesday Bible Study:

We’re Going Gold (or to Gold Hill that is)

Hey CPC,

It’s time to take CPC on the road for our annual Gold Hill service. We’ll be meeting at the church this Sunday, August 23, at 8:30am and carpooling over to Vicker’s Ranch at 8:45am. The road requires 4×4, so if you need ride, make sure you’re at the church at 8:30am. ATVs and OHVs are welcome. 😉

This is a BYOC event (bring your own chairs) and that’s all you’ll need. This year, we’re doing Gold Hill COVID-style so, we’ll be providing breakfast burritos, juice, and coffee for your refreshments. The service will still be broadcasted via Zoom at its normal time (10:00am), so if you can’t make it, log on like normal.

Also, if you’re looking for links to Gail LaGrone’s Memorial Service, you’ll need a Facebook Account. The service starts at 10:00 MST and you can find the service broadcasted through Facebook by searching for “Davidson Funeral Home Topeka.” Then, scroll down until you see the link for Gail’s Memorial Service.

See you soon CPC. Here are your weekly links and the Order of Worship for this Sunday!

Sunday Worship Service:

Monday Games Up Here:

Wednesday Bible Study:

Practice Round for Railroad Ink

Hey Gamers!

We had a great game on Monday and as promised, I’m posting 7 pictures of dice rolls so that you all can try the game once more. In order to play, print out the player sheet and then scroll down this post so that only one pictures is showing at a time. Don’t look ahead, as it might influence your decisions. Consider posting your score in the comments if you play. 🙂

And if you’ve never played, but are really curious and want to play, watch the video on the Games Up Here page. If you have any questions, let me know. Happy gaming CPC. 🙂

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Round 5

Round 6

Round 7

Trading Spaces

Hey CPC and Friends,

I hope you’re all well. I’m writing from Columbus, OH where Judah and I are visiting my mother. It feels strange to be preparing for our common worship this week from a remote location. Alas, strange is in the air. 🙂

This week is mostly normal, other than to announce that I’ve picked up some incredible new roll-and-write games while on the road. So consider joining us this coming Monday for a railroad-based roll and write game call Railroad Ink.

Though I’m flying back this Tuesday, I won’t make it in time for Tea Time, so I’ve asked a few of our CPC ruling elders to host this week. Come on out to the church yard for a cup of tea.

And, don’t forget that we meet on Wednesdays for our weekly Bible study–4:30pm. 😉

Finally, this week in worship we’ll be celebrating the Eucharist in the Sunday morning Worship Service that starts at 10:00am on ZOOM (and Zoom only). Remember to bring some bread and juice to our Zoom service this week.

As usual, these are the links you’re likely looking for:

Sunday Worship):

Monday Games Up Here:

Wednesday Bible Study: