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Welcome to the Games Up Here page, where you'll find all our player sheets, rules, and how-to-play videos for our weekly game night. If you're joining us for the first time, the game that is listed directly below is the game we're playing this week. If you want to join us via Zoom at 7:00pm on Monday nights, use this Zoom Link:

If you're joining us in person at 418 Silver Street, then just show up and we'll have player sheets for you.

Harvest Dice
Join us for another online game. This week we’re playing Harvest Dice!

Download Player Sheet for Harvest Dice

Watch a preview video to learn how to play Harvest Dice

Read the rules for Harvest Dice

The Castles of Burgundy: The Dice Game

Download The Castles of Burgundy Player Sheet

Watch a How-To-Play video for The Castles of Burgundy

TRUCK OFF: The Food Truck Frenzy

Download TRUCK OFF player sheet

Read the TRUCK OFF rules

Watch a How-To-Play video for TRUCK OFF (8.20 minutes)


Looking for the player sheet and rules for POTLUCK!?

Download the newest version of the POTLUCK! Player Sheet

Download the updated POTLUCK! Player Guide and Rules

Looking for the player sheet for Floor Plan?

Download the NEW player sheet for FLOOR PLAN
(You can print it in black and white or grayscale)

Also, I’m not including the rules or a how to play video for this game, because I’ve adapted the scoring to better suit our gaming group. Please join us at 7:00pm for the rules.

Zoom Link:

Here’s all you’ll need to join us for a game of METRO X

Download the LONDON MAP player sheet for METRO X

Download the player sheet for METRO X

Read the rules for METRO X

Watch a how-to-play video for METRO X

Play online with this automatic METRO X card flipper

Just One
Joining us for a game of Just One? The only thing you’ll need is a pad of paper or dry-erase board (or anything you can write a word on). The rules and how to play video are below.

Review the rules for Just One

Watch a video of how to play Just One

If you’re looking for information on TOPCON! 2020, you’re in the right place. Most of the information is also on our Facebook page (search for TOPCON!), but below you can see the schedule, connect to the conference through the provided Zoom link (the whole day is on one link), and download the player sheets for the conference games.

TOPCON! Schedule
Please note: ALL times are listed in Eastern Standard Time
10:00 AM–Welcome to TOPCON!
10:30 AM–Workshop A: Among Us 101 (Jason Brian Santos)
11:00 AM–Game 1: Welcome To Your New Home (player sheet 1)
1:00 PM–Plenary: Sabbath, Play, & The Imago Dei (JBS)
2:00 PM–Game 2: Rolling Ranch (player sheet 2)
3:00 PM–Workshop B: Board Gaming and Mental Health in Seniors (Bill Lane)
4:00 PM–Game 3: Rail Road Ink (player sheet 3)
5:30 PM–Workshop C: Hosting an Online Game Night (JBS)
6:30 PM–Conversation with Phil Walker-Harding
7:30 PM–Game 4: Silver & Gold (player sheet 4)
9:00 PM–Game 5: Harvest Dice (player sheet 5)
10:00 PM–Game 6: Bloom (player sheet 6)

TOPCON! Zoom Link:


Want to play Kingdomino Duel with us? Everything you need is below the game box pic. Keep in mind, however, that I’ll be adapting the game for multiplayers. So, if you watch the video or read the rules, just get a sense of the basics of the game.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Download the Kingdomino Duel player sheet

Read the Rules for Kingdomino Duel

Watch a How-to-Play video for Kingdomino Duel

Looking for the Winter Wonderland Edition?

Download Winter Wonderland Player Sheet

Review Rules for Winter Wonderland

Ganz Schön Clever! (That’s Pretty Clever)

Here’s all the information on our most recent group game–That’s Pretty Clever!

Download That’s Pretty Clever! Playersheet

Read the Rules for That’s Pretty Clever!

Watch a “how to play” video for That’s Pretty Clever!

Rolling Ranch

All things Rolling Ranch to play with us.

Zoom link:

Download Rolling Ranch Player Sheets

Download Rolling Ranch Rules

Watch A Review Video of Rolling Ranch


Looking for all the information on QWIXX? Look no further. Following the QWIXX pic below you will find all you need to play with us at Games Up Here. The player sheet should be printed in color and has two sheets per letter page. Below you will also find a pdf of the rules and an overview video (approximately 6 minutes) that will give you a sense of the gameplay and rules. We meet at 7:00 every week to go over the rules, so all you really need is a player sheet and the Zoom link. 🙂

And, the Zoom link to QWIXX can be found here

Download QWIXX player sheet

Read the QWIXX rules

Watch a review of QWIXX

Railroad Ink–Blazing Red Edition

All things Railroad Ink can be found below. If you’re looking for a more detailed video of the rules, google “railroad ink blazing read how to play video.” Also, please note that the player sheet has been slightly adapted for our game night. Explanations of those changes will be explained at 7:00pm Monday night at Games Up Here.

Zoom link to the game can be found here

Download the Player Sheet for Railroad Ink

Read the Rules for Railroad Ink

Watch an introduction to Railroad Ink

Silver & Gold
Looking for the Silver & Gold player sheets, rules, and the review video? You can find all of them below. (Keep in mind, if you do read the rules or watch the video, that I’ve modified the game for a larger group. For clarifications of those changes, join us at 7:00pm.)

Zoom link can be found here

Download the Player Sheet for Silver & Gold

Read the Rules for Silver and Gold

Watch a how to play video for Silver and Gold

Looking for Bloom player sheets, rules, and video guide.

Download Player Sheets for Bloom

Watch a preview video to learn how to play Bloom

Read the rules for Bloom

Harvest Dice
Join us for another online game. This week we’re playing Harvest Dice!

Download Player Sheet for Harvest Dice

Watch a preview video to learn how to play Harvest Dice

Read the rules for Harvest Dice

On Tour
Are you joining us for our online game of On Tour?
Download the player sheet and print on a color printer and watch the preview video (link below) that should give you an overview of the game. Rules and Q&A at 7:00pm every Thursday. If you’d like to read the rules, that’s below too. 🙂

Download On Tour Player Sheets

Watch a preview video to learn the basics of On Tour

Read the rules for On Tour

Welcome To Your Perfect Home
Are you looking for downloadable player sheets, player guides or the official Rules to the tabletop game, Welcome To...? Well, look no further. This is the page you’re looking for. If you’ve never played before, click on the last link and watch a how-to-play video.

Download Player Sheet

Download Player Guide

Download Official Rule Book for Welcome to...

How-to-Play Video

Looking to for the OUTBREAK EDITION?

Download Outbreak Player Sheet

Download Outbreak Player HELP

Looking for the Winter Wonderland Edition?

Download Winter Wonderland Player Sheet

Review Rules and Additional Cards

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