Together again!

If you didn’t know already, this coming Sunday, June 28th, Community Presbyterian Church will be holding our first in-person service in over three months! No doubt that is exciting news for all. With that in mind, however, there are a few precautions that we’ll need to be mindful of in order to make our worship as safe as possible for all. Please read the following guidelines to help us make our Sunday Worship a blessing for everyone.

1) TIME: We’re meeting in the church yard and the service will begin at 9:30am. Please arrive early enough to be seated. Keep in mind, if you’re out of town or just can’t give up wearing pajamas to church, we’ll still be broadcasting the service via Zoom at the same time (links below).

2) SEATING: We’ll be setting up pairs of folding chairs that will be 6 feet or more apart. If you’re not a fan of folding chairs, you’re welcome to bring your own chairs (BYOC). 😉 We will be wiping down all the chairs before and after the service. If you have a party of more than two, just let the greeters know and we’ll adjust accordingly.

3) FACE COVERINGS: We’re asking that everyone bring a face covering and we’re encouraging you to wear them during the service (especially during the singing). The lawn area to the right of the columbarium (near Gunnison Avenue) is available for those who prefer to keep their face coverings on for the duration of the service. Please sit where you are most comfortable.

4) ORDER OF WORSHIP: The worship bulletin will be distributed at the gates, so no need to print them out before you come. We will not be printing the announcement, but you can still read them by clicking on the link at the bottom of this post. If you’re connecting on Zoom, you should print the Order of Worship out, as we will not be sharing it on the screen during the service.

5) OFFERING: We will not be passing the offering plate during the service, but there will be a designated box for tithes and offerings to be given.

6) RAIN OR ZOOM: Should it look like it’s going to rain on Sunday morning, I’ll be sending out a last minute email (before 9:00am) to let you all know that we’re switching back to Zoom. Please check your email before the service if you think it’s going to rain.

7) PARKING: There is plenty of parking around the church, but we’re going to reserve the parking to the north of the church yard for anyone who would like to remain in their car during the service.

8) ARRIVING AND DEPARTING: While we’re certain that many of you will linger after the service, please avoid gathering near the gates to provide ample room for folks to exit the church yard.

9) BIBLES & HYMNALS: Neither Bibles nor hymnals will be available for your use on Sunday. The hymn lyrics will be included in the Order of Worship. If you’d like to read along with the Scriptures, please bring your own Bible.

10) RESTROOMS: The church restrooms will be available for use. We ask that you enter the building through the north door (near the office) and exit through Darley Hall. And, please be mindful of those who might also be in the hallway.

And… that’s it. 🙂

In other news, we had another wonderful Tea Time Tuesday this past week, and we’d love to be able to meet more of you as the summer unfolds, so consider joining us from 2:00-4:00pm next week. You can also connect with our community at our Bible Study on Wednesday (4:30pm) and our Games Up Here, now on Mondays at 7:00pm. As always, all of the Zoom links for our online gatherings are below:

Games Up Here (Thursday, June 25 & Monday, June 29):

Sunday Worship (June 28):

Wednesday Bible Study (July 1):