Fifth Sunday of Easter

Hey Everyone!

I hope your Friday is off to a great start. It’s going to be a beautiful day here in Lake City and we wish you were all here to bask in the glory of God’s creation. This week begins the Fifth Sunday of Easter. During the Sunday Worship service we’ll be celebrating the Eucharist, so please bring your communion elements to the Zoom gathering if you’re planning on joining us online. If you’re joining us in person in the CPC sanctuary, and you don’t typically come to worship in person, I’d ask you to let me know via email ( If you’ve been somewhat of a regular in the sanctuary, no need to let me know. I’ll factor you in. 😉

This week’s preaching text is 1 John 4:7-21 and the title of my sermon is “All We Need is…” You can read the preaching text and the other lectionary readings here. We will be having a time of fellowship directly after the service, so please consider staying for some coffee and cookies, if you feel comfortable.

Speaking of comfort, I know that many of you felt uncomfortable going to the CPC website because you received an alert that our certificates weren’t valid. I’m happy to inform you that Jon Eidson cleared all of that up and we’re back in business as usual. Thanks Jon for keeping us certified. 🙂

Beyond those updates, here are your weekly announcements and links.

Games Up Here
We will be playing a new game called Castles of Burgundy on Monday, May 3rd from 7:00-8:30pm MDT. Everything you need is on the CPC website under the Games Up Here page. The Zoom link for our game is also below.

Bible Study this Week
Join us for our weekly Bible study on Wednesday May 5th from 5:00pm to 6:30pm MDT, as we explore the book of Daniel. We’ll meet on Zoom and the link can be found on the CPC website (or below)

Men’s Prayer Breakfast
Gather with the men of Lake City this Thursday, May 6th at 7:00am MDT in the Baptist Fellowship Hall for the Men’s Prayer Breakfast. 

Here are your links and the Order of Worship for this week!

Sunday Worship Service:

Monday Games Up Here:

Wednesday Bible Study: