Seventeenth Sunday of Ordinal Time

Hey Everyone,

Happy Thursday! I hope you’re all well as we settle into a slower pace here in Lake City. It feels like most of the summer residents took off this past week (though I know a few of you are still around). And it should get a lot quieter this weekend as we move into October.

Although we’ll be smaller in number this week, we’ll be mighty in spirit as we gather together this coming Sunday, October 2nd for World Communion Sunday. That’s right, this particular Sunday, we’ll join with literally millions of Christians around the globe to celebrate this holy sacrament. How fantastic is that. 🙂 If you’re joining us this Sunday on Zoom, please bring your communion elements to the broadcast. For those joining us in person, communion will be provided.

We’ll also be returning to our monthly potlucks (traditionally held on the first Sunday of the month). The theme for this month’s potluck is Fall/Harvest/Octoberfest. Interpret that any way you want… but please plan on joining us for our first potluck of the season.

This Sunday, we’ll also explore the disciples’ request for Jesus to increase their faith–the remarkable narrative found in Luke 17:5-10. If you’d like to read it and the other lectionary texts, you can find them at the bottom of the online Order of Worship bulletin.

Here are a few announcements for the coming week:

Games Up Here
Join us for “Games up here” on Monday, October 3rd at the Presbyterian Annex at 7:00pm. 

October Session Meeting
The CPC Elders will meet this coming week, on Wednesday, September 5th from 9:00am to 12:00pm. 

Wednesday Bible Study
No Bible Study this week. We’ll return the last week of the month with our regularly scheduled study. 

Men’s Prayer Breakfast
Join the men of Lake City this Thursday, September 8th at 7:00am for good food, prayer, and Bible study. 

Jason’s Vacation
From Thursday, October 6th to Wednesday October 26th, Jason will be on vacation. He will still be available for pastoral emergencies or urgent needs during this time. To reach him, please email or text. 

And here’s your Zoom link for the Sunday Service:

Sunday Worship Service: