Twenty-Second Sunday of Ordinary Time

Hey Everyone,

I hope you’re all well and staying warm. We’re finally getting a good snow here in Lake City, which makes the town feel very peaceful and still. This Sunday during worship, we’ll celebrate communion, so if you’re joining us via Zoom, please bring your bread and juice to the broadcast.

If you’re joining us in person, don’t forget that we’re also having our first-Sunday-of-the-month potluck. This month’s theme is Thanksgiving and turkey will be provided. So all we need is for everyone to bring your favorite turkey day sides. If you’re unsure of what is still needed, please contact Lynn Hudgeons.

This week, the lectionary delivers and other doozy of a passage, which I (no doubt) won’t shy away from preaching. I’ll continue in our series on the most bizarre passages in Scripture by preaching from Luke 20:27-38, the text about Levirate marriage laws and the resurrection of the body. If you’d like to read it prior to Sunday, you can find it and the other lectionary passages at the bottom of the online Order of Worship below.

Here are the announcements for this week:

Games Up Here
No games this week. We’ll resume next week at our regularly scheduled time. 🙂 

October Session Meeting
The CPC Elders will meet this week, on Wednesday, November 9th from 10:00am to 12:00pm

Wednesday Bible Study
Join us this Wednesday, November 9th at 5:00pm in Darley Hall as we begin our new series on the Apocrypha–the intertestamental books of the Bible that were recognized as canon by the western church until the 1500s. 

Men’s Prayer Breakfast
Join the men of Lake City this Thursday, November  10th at 7:00am for good food, prayer, and Bible study. 

Youth Study of the Bible Parent Meeting
We’re starting a Intergenerational Study of the Bible for young people ages 10-18! Join us Sunday, October 6th at 7:00pm in Darley Hall for an informational meeting for parents, youth, and anyone who’d like to be involved and learn alongside our young people.

Here are your links for this week:

Sunday Worship Service:

Wednesday Evening Bible Study: