First Sunday of Lent

Hey Everyone!

It’s hard to believe that the first Sunday in Lent is already upon us. This means that there are a couple of new formational opportunities for you during this sacred season. Every Wednesday during Lent at noon, I’ll be hosting Taizé prayers in the CPC sanctuary. The services will last about 30 minutes and will consist of singing Taizé chants, reading Scripture, and an extended period of silence. If you’re looking for a way to be more reflective during this Lenten season, please consider joining us.

This coming Wednesday, March 1st, we’ll also be starting our Cost of Discipleship Reading Group from 5:00pm-6:30pm in Darley Hall and on Zoom. You can find the reading schedule and the Zoom link at the bottom of this post.

This Sunday, February 26, we’ll explore the New Testament passage, Romans 5:12-19 and the theological concept of recapitulation (exciting stuff)! You can find it and the other lectionary passages in the downloadable online Order of Worship below.

Here’s your announcements for the week ahead:

Intergenerational Study of the Bible for Youth
The Intergenerational Study of the Bible is cancelled for this Sunday, February, 26th.

Games Up Here
We’re playing games in the Annex, this Monday night, February, 27th from 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Lenten Midday Prayers
Looking for a Lenten practice centered on prayer and contemplation? Join us for Taizé prayers every Wednesday during Lent at noon in the CPC sanctuary.

Cost of Discipleship Lenten Reading Group
The Cost of Discipleship reading group begins this Wednesday, March 1st. We’ll meet in-person in Darley Hall and Zoom from 5:00-6:30pm MST. The schedule for reading is:

Men’s Prayer Breakfast
Men’s Prayer Breakfast is happening this week on Thursday, March 2nd at 7:00am.

Looking Ahead
Next Sunday, March 5th Grace Christian Fellowship will join us in worship as we welcome home the AICM mission trip team. We’ll also be celebrating communion together and having a joint-potluck in our theme for March–St. Patrick’s Day. Let’s cook up some proper Irish fare to share as we hear stories from the mission team.

Here are your links for this week:

Sunday Worship Service:

Cost of Discipleship Reading Group

CPC Cost of Discipleship Reading Group Schedule

Week 1: read pages 1-39 (39 total)
Sunday, February 26– Forward
Monday, February 27– Memoir
Tuesday, February 28– Introduction
Wednesday, March 1–Discussion Group (No Reading)

Week 2: pages 41-101 (60 total)
Thursday, March 2–Chapter 1. Costly Grace
Friday, March 3–Chapter 2. The Call to Discipleship
Saturday, March 4–Chapter 3. Single-Minded Obedience
Sunday, March 5–Chapter 4. Discipleship and the Cross
Monday, March 6–Chapter 5. Discipleship and the Individual
Tuesday, March 7–Chapter 6. Beatitudes
Wednesday, March 8–Discussion Group (No Reading)

Week 3: pages 103-154 (51 total)
Thursday, March 9–Chapter 7. The Visible Community
Friday, March 10–Chapter 8. The Righteousness of Christ
Saturday, March 11–Chapter 9. The Brother
Sunday, March 12–Chapter 10. Women
Monday, March 13–Chapter 11. Truthfulness
Tuesday, March 14–Chapter 12. Revenge
Wednesday, March 15–Discussion Group (No Reading)

Week 4: pages 155-197 (42 total)
Thursday, March 16–Chapter 13. The Enemy–the “Extraordinary”
Friday, March 17–Chapter 14. The Hidden Righteousness
Saturday, March 18–Chapter 15. The Hiddenness of Prayer
Sunday, March 19–Chapter 16. The Hiddenness of the Devout Life
Monday, March 20–Chapter 17. The Simplicity of the Carefree Life
Tuesday, March 21–Chapter 18. The Disciples and Unbelievers
*Wednesday, March 22–Discussion Group (*Read Chapter 19. The Great Divide)

Week 5: pages 199-221 (22 total)
Thursday, March 23–Chapter 20. The Conclusion
Friday, March 24–Chapter 21. The Harvest
Saturday, March 25–Chapter 22. The Apostles
Sunday, March 26–Chapter 23. The Work
Monday, March 27–Chapter 24. The Suffering Messengers
Tuesday, March 28–Chapter 25. The Decision
*Wednesday, March 29–Discussion Group (*ReadChapter 26. The Fruit)

Week 6: pages 223-304 (81 total)
Thursday, March 30–Chapter 27. Preliminary Questions
Friday, March 31–Chapter 28. Baptism
Saturday, April 1–Chapter 29. The Body of Christ
Palm Sunday, April 2–Chapter 30. The Visible Community
Monday, April 3–Chapter 31. The Saints
Tuesday, April 4–Chapter 32. The Image of Christ
Wednesday, April 5–Discussion Group (No Reading)