A Little Longer…

Hey Everyone,

Happy Ground Hog Day! I’m not sure if our furry little friend saw his shadow today, but I am sure that I feel like I’ve been living in the movie Groundhog Day for the past few weeks. Every day feels like the same here in Columbus… wake up-sort stuff-pack stuff-sort stuff-toss stuff-sort stuff-go to bed. Sometimes, it’s difficult to remember what day of the week it is. It’s been a challenging journey no doubt, but we’re finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and looking forward to returning to Lake City.

You might have heard that we’re extending our time in Ohio. The task was a bit bigger than I anticipated, so I’ll be away from CPC until the week of Valentine’s Day. Lyn Lampert has gracious agreed to continue in our Sunday worship leadership. He’s done such an incredible job filling in for me during my time away. Thank you Lyn. And, many thanks to all of the elders who have served in so many little jobs throughout the week to keep our community growing in faith. We’re blessed with a great team of elders.

Given my delayed return, the downloadable Orders of Worship for the next two weeks–February 4th and 11th–can be found below. Keep in mind, although you won’t be celebrating communion next week, our first-of-the-month-potluck is still happening. Join CPC for a Valentine’s themed potluck this Sunday, February 4th, directly after the morning worship.

Finally, I want to express a huge “thank you” for all of your prayers, emails, texts, and words of support that you’ve offered over the past few weeks. It’s comforting to know that many of you have gone through similar transitions with your parents. Despite being a well-trodden road, the path can sometimes seem bewildering. Knowing we have a faith community holding us in prayer means the world to us. We miss and love you all.

See you soon,


Here is your Zoom link for the February Sunday worship services: 

Sunday Worship Service:

And, here are your Order of Worship bulletins for the next two weeks: