Thursday night is Game Night!

Hey CPC!

For those who missed it last week, I’m hosting another game of “Welcome to…” tonight, Thursday, April 30 from 7:00pm to 8:30pm.

7:00 is the introduction and rules and the actual game will start at 7:30. The Zoom link for the game is at the end of this post.

“Welcome To…” is a tabletop board game that uses a “flip and write” rule (similar to Yahtzee’s roll and write). It’s themed around numbering rows of houses in a neighborhood so that each of the three streets (on your player sheet) are numbered from lowest to highest. Everyone has their own “player sheet” on which they write their numbers (which is part of why we can do this live online). To learn more about the game, follow this link–

Every person playing will need their own player sheet (unless you’re playing in teams). The player sheets (which were posted last Thursday and can still be found on this feed) can be printed from your color printer or feel free to come tear off a player sheet (on a chair, just inside the front door of the Presbyterian Church). Take as many player sheets as you have players (each person will need their own).

The Zoom link for tonight is

I hope to see you online. 🙂