We’re back on the lawn at a new time!

Hey Folks… I’ve got some exciting news. After future consideration, the CPC Session has decided to move our services back out on the lawn for most of the summer. By “most” I mean that we’ll return to a Zoom only service for the first week of each month in order to celebrate the Eucharist.

We’re also shifting the remainder of the summer services to 10:00am in order to accommodate our friends attending the Episcopal Service at St. James across the street. (Last week, our bells offered an unintended interlude to Rev. Nettleton’s sermon and we want to avoid that, so we’re shifting to 10:00am.) 🙂

This means that this Sunday, July 19th we’ll be on the lawn at 10:00. We’ll need a few folks to help us set up and you can sign up for set up and clean up here.

As usual, we’re still meeting on Mondays for games, Tuesday for Tea, and Wednesday for our weekly Bible Study. You can find the Zoom links for all of these opportunities and the order of worship for this week below.

Finally, as many of you know, Paul Hudgeons’s Memorial Service is coming soon on Saturday, July 25th at 10:00. For more information on the memorial service please click on the link in the top menu of this website. And, if you’d like to help out with the memorial service there are plenty of chance to serve in this way. Please follow this link, to an electronic sign-up sheet to help.

Sunday Worship):

Monday Games Up Here: 

Wednesday Bible Study: 

Paul Hudgeons Memorial Service: