Trading Spaces

Hey CPC and Friends,

I hope you’re all well. I’m writing from Columbus, OH where Judah and I are visiting my mother. It feels strange to be preparing for our common worship this week from a remote location. Alas, strange is in the air. 🙂

This week is mostly normal, other than to announce that I’ve picked up some incredible new roll-and-write games while on the road. So consider joining us this coming Monday for a railroad-based roll and write game call Railroad Ink.

Though I’m flying back this Tuesday, I won’t make it in time for Tea Time, so I’ve asked a few of our CPC ruling elders to host this week. Come on out to the church yard for a cup of tea.

And, don’t forget that we meet on Wednesdays for our weekly Bible study–4:30pm. 😉

Finally, this week in worship we’ll be celebrating the Eucharist in the Sunday morning Worship Service that starts at 10:00am on ZOOM (and Zoom only). Remember to bring some bread and juice to our Zoom service this week.

As usual, these are the links you’re likely looking for:

Sunday Worship):

Monday Games Up Here:

Wednesday Bible Study: